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31 January
SEIYUU Blog Crew ¤ Inoue Kazuhiko-sama~~~~

iam_the Aion (Chrno Crusade) of Livejournal

Made by kawaii_gaara

Below made by me~ kawaii_gaara

Inoue Kazuhiko-sama is hot sexy seme and uke voiced Love

Heika's Sexy Megane Chara are Love

Kazu Heika = Hot Sexy Bishies~<33333

Ishida & Hoshi are Nakayoshi Love

Below made by glitteringloke <3333

Aion x Gunter is HOT bathroom demon mansex CRACK Heika love

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How... ironic is this? Badass Uke, wut? =>W<=;;;


My Hobbies
☆ RP Characters I play:

Active Journals:

-Aion (jiyuna_togabito) (Chrno Crusade)
-Klarth F. Lester (whackaspirit) (Tales of Phantasia)

-Aion (downwithsystem) (Chrno Crusade)
-Nyanko-sensei/Madara (sensei_to_yobe) (Natsume Yuujin Cho)

-Gunter von Christ (doubleblackftw) (Kyou Kara Maou)

-Viede (devoted_sinner) (Chrno Crusade)

Other RP Characters I've played

Curious and want to give RP a try? Here is a small RP101 I made to help guide new and old players~<333

And these are FABULOUS guides to RP that everyone should follow and be aware of! Please check these out as well!
-Guide Part I
-Guide Part II
☆ Communities I maintain on LJ:
Anime/J-pop lyrics translated and romanized | Inoue Kazuhiko LJ Community | Multi-fandom Crack RP Community
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EPIC Fansubs/Scanlation | Ryuu-Rogue Fansubs | ABT&Pakapuka Fansubs
☆ Misc stuff I’m involved in:
Deviant Art profile| Fanfiction.net profile| Pixiv profile| My Anime List | My Manga List
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