KGaara/Yuki (kawaii_gaara) wrote,

Day 6 & 7 poetry~

Make up ones for the days I missed! Though cut since they're naughty lD;;;; Totally Sus's fault~ XDDDDDDD


Mayonaka no
Yuugi ni sonae
Obi wo toki
Te ashi karamari
Hana to chiru

For the midnight play
Preparations are made
Undoing the kimono sash
Hands and feet entangle
With the flower, I blossom

Invisible Siren

Dear siren why do you tempt?
This weak soul who must remain a gent.
Your elegant sways across the floor.
One cannot help but to explore.

Breathless of the skin you reveal.
The true excitement one must conceal.
For even the simple thought of your touch.
Drives one mad to want to clutch.

The fold of your lips full of desire.
If that wasn't enough, one was a liar.
Your delicate fingers that point the way.
Parting them open, you slowly play.

One chord to another breaking the monotony.
As you gracefully rock on the mahogany.
The demon freed with no regret.
Passionate motions of our silhouette.

One last cry and that was it.
The heat, the fire from thy slit.
Consumed in the joy of releasing from the tip.
Only to find it in my grip.

Tags: poetry month
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